JMI under Prof. Najma Akhtar & Attack on Students by RSS Goons

Being in academic administration is thorny crown. You not only enjoy a position of authority but it also comes with a great responsibility. The students at JMI and video grabs show that someone must be punished for taking law and order into their hands. It is alleged that some protesting students were attacked at the behest of Vice Chancellor. If it is right, then she must be immediately removed from her position. When you are in a position of responsibility, you are expected to have high moral standards. The sacrifices of the great elders who laid the foundation of Jamia should…


There is no special personality in this world. Everyone is same

Few weeks back on my way back home I came across a a couple going about their day. It so happened that I overheard the girl addressing her better half with a manner that shocked me. It was a disillusionment. An eye-opener. A rebirth of my thoughts. I had been under the impression that people close to you are unique in the way they talk and use their words but here I witnessed the trademark being infringed – patent being violated. I fell into a line of thought that goes like this: “No body in this world is unique – someone…

7 things you must learn today to save your job in future

Last few years have seen a surge in instances of people being fired due to automation. Last year, one of the India’s largest IT company fired more than 11000 people due to automation in different areas(Source). While a far larger number of people ranging between 360,000 and 670,000 have lost the job due to artificial intelligence in USA. In a Research published by MIT’s Daron Acemoglu and Boston University’s Pascual Restrepo at the National Bureau of Economic Research, one robot is currently replacing 5.6 human workers. At this pace, one robot introduced over every 1000 humans results in the reduction of salary…