Netflix showing Muslims as villains, a government propaganda?

I have recently developed a habit of watching Netflix while going to sleep. As bad as it sounds, it comes with one more surprise: Nearly all Shows have a negative connotation toward Muslims and Islam in General. It has been a general trend in Bollywood to portray Muslims as terrorist and then another guy teaching them what ‘Real’ Islam is. Example : // A more recent example was seen in film Batla House. (Clip is not on youtube, you can watch the part in movie where John Abraham lectures the terrorist about Islam) The real question is, why are Muslims depicted…


There is no special personality in this world. Everyone is same

Few weeks back on my way back home I came across a a couple going about their day. It so happened that I overheard the girl addressing her better half with a manner that shocked me. It was a disillusionment. An eye-opener. A rebirth of my thoughts. I had been under the impression that people close to you are unique in the way they talk and use their words but here I witnessed the trademark being infringed – patent being violated. I fell into a line of thought that goes like this: “No body in this world is unique – someone…