“The real patience is at the first stroke of a calamity.”

– Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) : Sahih Bukhari

One day, a little boy in a faraway village without electricity, living in a mud-brick house saw a dream. That he was resting outside a big house on a cot in the sunshine. Years later, that boy – me – realized that it was the most exquisite of the dream he had in those years.

He moved with his family, to Delhi, a city whose first impression was that of an exquisite place, at that age – he was living a dream.

Bit by bit, that boy –  I – became a dreamer – an exquisite dreamer.

For me, taking risk, creating new things, innovating with the limited resources and believing in what I strive for – are the key principles in evolving toward a better future. Everyday, I sell dreams – create a living  out of it. Everyday, I think about creating new things, and write code that takes me to a wonderland – where Alice won’t imagine.

There is an exquisite future that I haven’t stopped dreaming of. I believe I am not the only one living a dream while working for it. So come, join me in an adventure. That little boy’s adventure called life.

Interested in my CV? Here it is.