Netflix showing Muslims as villains, a government propaganda?

I have recently developed a habit of watching Netflix while going to sleep. As bad as it sounds, it comes with one more surprise: Nearly all Shows have a negative connotation toward Muslims and Islam in General.

It has been a general trend in Bollywood to portray Muslims as terrorist and then another guy teaching them what ‘Real’ Islam is.

Example : //

A more recent example was seen in film Batla House. (Clip is not on youtube, you can watch the part in movie where John Abraham lectures the terrorist about Islam)

The real question is, why are Muslims depicted as terrorist in the first place? It is a government propaganda to neutralize the threat of 17 Crore Muslims turning against establishment in the wake of Mob Lynchings, Alienation, Lack of Political representation and economic downfall?

According to data by Sacchhar Committee, Muslims are worse than backward classes in India. Their ratio is highest in Jails than in anywhere else. Their ecomonic condition is one of the poorest in country.

In my opinion, the current and future scenario for Muslims is despicable. It is same as the status of people of Color in United States. Both of these minorities although enjoy equal constitutional rights, their treatment and representation poses a real question.

So, my question remains, why do all #Netflix shows depict muslims as bad guys? As per these shows, I should have killed at least few people by the age of 27, have had no education and must have been into drugs or terrorism. Would you ever see a Muslim as programmer, a writer, a manager or a CEO in such shows?