JMI under Prof. Najma Akhtar & Attack on Students by RSS Goons

Being in academic administration is thorny crown. You not only enjoy a position of authority but it also comes with a great responsibility. The students at JMI and video grabs show that someone must be punished for taking law and order into their hands. It is alleged that some protesting students were attacked at the behest of Vice Chancellor. If it is right, then she must be immediately removed from her position. When you are in a position of responsibility, you are expected to have high moral standards.

The sacrifices of the great elders who laid the foundation of Jamia should not be forgotten, they were the same people who would be ready to shed their own blood rather than their students. They were our teachers. Our elders, they were the oes who made tents to teach in early Jamia. It is without doubt a painful thing to even imagine a ruthless administrator sitting in their place.

However, sometimes, a bad kid supported by an equally bad parent would take all measures to get what they want. That bad kid is no other than our “right wing leaning” lady Vice Chancellor. Her partronage toward who’s who is understandable but it is quite fascinating how she is able to stoop to a level of street thugs. Even if the allegations of her involvement on the attack on Students are not correct, the current handling of the situation goes to prove that a good administrator is not made without due training.

No humane person in position of power would ignore wounded students rather than visiting them, no teacher would let their student sit and sleep out in open if all it took her was to revoke a useless “show-cause” notice. It is unfathomable as to how a lady could be so heartless that she would pay no heed to students crying our loud their “little demands” for days.

What inspires such bootlicking? What goes on in such nifty little minds? what are the reasons for an educated person to hire goons? It all boils down to either ideology or indifference toward a certain community.

Let’s hope that she would lean a little away from her past affiliations and would be able to look at the chair she is sitting on. The lands she is sitting and sleeping on belongs to the same people who are now buried in it. She is indeed the next one to go meet them and then, all will be left for her is the legacy that when students were just, she took part in in an injustice. either knowingly or unknowingly.