There is no special personality in this world. Everyone is same

Few weeks back on my way back home I came across a a couple going about their day. It so happened that I overheard the girl addressing her better half with a manner that shocked me.

It was a disillusionment. An eye-opener. A rebirth of my thoughts.

I had been under the impression that people close to you are unique in the way they talk and use their words but here I witnessed the trademark being infringed – patent being violated.

I fell into a line of thought that goes like this:

“No body in this world is unique – someone – right at this moment should be thinking exactly the same way as me. Doing the same thing as me and may be speaking what I might have said. No body in this world is unique – it is just a  matter of who gets the privilege to say what and to whom”

The same evening, I came across a friend who happened to be in a mood to share his story of love with a woman. My stream of thought still had not precipitated. He showed me his chats.

The volcano erupted.

Reading through his chats and I could see that every word, sentences, ways and things were what I have already heard.

I felt like “its a cheating”, “oh no!” “why why why?”

What I once thought were the specialties, personality or special traits, are all only a human nature. Everyone seems to have it.

So now, I am  a believer in this quote.